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What if you died today?

  A vital question    You've just picked up a tract, and there is a question that you must ask yourself: "What if I died today?"  Here is a simple reason for asking it -- the Bible says: "it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment' (Hebrews 9 v 27). If you refuse to face up to the truth and prefer to be vague about the answer, you are in great danger because you will  meet God after you die. Will it be as a Father who will welcome you into his house, his home, or will it be as a Judge who will condemn you without appeal? Where you spend eternity will depend on what you decide today.    God cannot look at the sins that people commit  -- including your sins -- without judging them. From heaven above, He sees that you don't do what pleases Him; you live to please yourself; you do your own thing whether it pleases Him or not. As a result, He regards you as spiritually dead because of your sins and your wrong doings.    Do not try to find way

Imagine you're the first:

Imagine you are the first person to whom Christ has appeared since His crucifixion and burial. What might He say to you? There are hundreds of things He might say. To Mary, a woman who did not recognize Him in His glorified state, He asked, 'Why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?' (John 20v15). What might He ask you? Out of concern that you understand the biggest event in history, which had just occurred -- His death, and resurrection -- He might ask you three questions. 1. Do you understand what happened three days ago? To understand the significance of Jesus' resurrection, you must first understand the significance of His death. Three days earlier, Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross and suffered a criminal's death. Why did he die? He died for one reason -- sin. We often take sin lightly. God takes it seriously. A "little white lie," an unkind thought, a selfish action, or profanity is offensive to Him. God's righteousness and justice demand that He p