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The Promise and the Person of the Good News: John MacArthur

Romans 1:1-7 Chapters: Romans 1:2-4 Code: 45-03 I. INTRODUCTION A.     The Search Man's eternal soul is made in such a way that it knows no rest until it finds its rest in God.  Socrates said, "O that someone would arise to show us God. " Socrates was simply articulating the hunger that is in every human heart for God.  Pascal said in his Pens[ac]ees, "In every man there is a God-shaped vacuum. " There is no greater example of this hunger of God than the proliferation of religious systems throughout the history of mankind.  The issue isn't whether man will worship, but what he will worship.  Unfortunately, in the bent of his perverse nature, man inevitably rejects the true God and forms gods of his own making.  But such gods provide no so