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Set Free Testimony of Stan Covell

Being raised in a religious system that hinders freedom destroys the will and mind of an individual. It makes it impossible to see the world as it is and the reality of what life actually contains. My years being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness impressed upon me that outside the Watchtower organization, there was no life that contained meaning. To leave the mother organization, as the Watchtower has been referred to, is to leave Jehovah God and the truth. This line of thought being dictated year after year, service after service, meeting after meeting, to a child being raised as a Jehovah Witness leaves the child (or adult for that matter) with no sense of hope outside the Watchtower. I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness with my two brothers – one older, one younger. I went in the door to door service as a young child. I first started handing Watchtower literature out to householders at the age of five and was giving presentations at the door at the age of eight, selling (“placing”) the W