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Beyond the Speed of Time, Freddie McKelvey

We can’t stop time, it slowly moves on ' It keeps on going, and waits for no one No sooner it’s here, until it’s gone" With only one speed, it keeps travelling on Stop for a moment, and carefully think As the world goes round, the time it ticks  Is's everywhere, on the sea and land It can't be turned backi, thats not the plan  Our span of time, will come and go Like a pendulum on a clock, with no control time has no breaks, it carries on It masters our life, until we're gone The length of time, not in our hands lt’s the great creator, who has command Our days and years, are not for long Prepare, to meet God, before you’re gone Death reaps it’s sheaves, on every hand The old, the young, on sea, or land Man cannot stop, the wheel of time God holds the keys, and has control Some people think, they have plenty of time But look at the grave yards, all around Names on head stones, of young and old With all different ages, but all have souls As we travel here, on plane