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A Message to Preachers on the Need to Preach Repentance from Sin

Why So Many Unfaithful Professing Christians in Our Churches? Romans 6:1-18 by Cooper Abrams Introduction: The title of the message identifies the problem. To some degree in all our churches there are a number of people who profess Christ as their Lord and Savior who are clearly not faithful to Him. Their lives pretty much remain the same after their profession of faith, with the exception that now they are identified as Christians because they now have their names on a church roll. They are frustrating to the God fearing pastor who loves his flock, and longs with heart felt love to see those to whom God has entrusted him with, living victorious lives in Christ, being a ready and willing tool of God to bring Glory to our Lord and Savior, and reaping the benefit of the full blessing of God. These "Christians" in name only, are frustrating and a source of discouragement to any child of God who longs to see Christ lifted up and magnifi

Why Do We Need Salvation and Forgiveness of Sins by the Blood of Jesus?

What are the consequences of sin? Why do people need forgiveness by Jesus blood? Can gospel overcome guilt, fear, alienation, eternal punishment, and offer salvation, hope, eternal life? What are the consequences of sin and why do people need forgiveness by the blood of Jesus Christ? Can the gospel overcome guilt, fear, alienation, and eternal punishment? Does it offer salvation, joy, hope, and eternal life? Have you investigated the Bible teaching about the death of Jesus? Have you allowed Him to change your life and give you hope and meaning in life? Introduction: Sometimes we fail to see our need for items that would really benefit us if we had them. Or we may lose our appreciation for an item when we have it. The purpose of this study is to help us appreciate more fully a gift that all of us need but sometimes fail to appreciate. This gift is the forgiveness of sins. To help us appreciate forgiveness, let us consider the consequences of sin. Many people unnecessarily face guilt, fe