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Every Christian an evangelist, John Chrysostom.

Every Christian an evangelist There is nothing colder than a Christian who does not work for the salvation of others. You cannot use poverty as an excuse; the widow who threw in her two small coins will accuse you Luke 21:2-4. Peter said, "Silver and gold have I none" Acts 3:6. Paul was so poor, he often went hungry and lacked even necessary food Philippines 4:12. And being lower-class by birth is no excuse either. The apostles were obscure men from obscure families. Or are yiu uneducated? That is no excuse. The apostle were illiterate Acts 4:13. Are you weak in body?  That is no excuse. Timothy was a person who suffered from frequent illnesses 1 Timothy 5:23. Everyone can serve his neighbour if only he is willing to play his part. Look at the tree which bear no fruit. See how strong and majestic and smooth and tall they are. But if we had a garden, we would Mich rather have pomegranates and fruitful olive trees. The tall fruitless trees are pleasing to the eye but the