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What Is A Biblical Christian?by Pastor Albert N. Martin

  There  are many matters concerning which total ignorance and complete indifference are neither tragic nor fatal. I believe many of you are probably totally ignorant of Einstein's theory of relativity, and if you were pressed to explain it to someone you would really be in difficulty. Not only are you ignorant of Einstein's theory of relativity, you are probably quite indifferent, and that ignorance and indifference is neither fatal nor tragic. I am sure there are few of us who can explain all the processes by which a brown cow eats green grass and gives white milk. It  does  not  keep  you  from  enjoying  the  milk. But there are some things  concerning which ignorance  and  indifference  are  both  tragic  and  fatal,  and  one  such thing is the Bible's answer to the question I am about to set before you. 'What is a biblical Christian?' In other words, when does a man or woman, a boy or girl, have the right to take to himself or herself the name Christ