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The Story of the Penny

One day as a man was walking down the street with his friend John, he spotted a penny lying on the ground. He pushed his friend aside and quickly reached down to pick up the coin. John wondered why so much fuss and effort was made just to get one pence, so he asked "Why all this fuss about a penny? Sure you see those things lying on the ground all the time." The man with the penny answered, "This is not just a penny. It has a special message for those who find it" He went  on to explain. "This penny did'nt know it was lost until I found it. Look at the back of it, right below the E and P. "What is the first thing you see? "John answered "A cross "His friend said, "Thats is right, and that cross reminds me of someone who came and found me, even when I did'nt know I was lost. His name is Jesus. He came from heaven to you and me, and to do this He had to die on the cross and pay the price for our sin. Now,