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A message from the Titanic.........

  Titanic and the Marconi men: "... send S O S, it's the new signal..." John 'Jack' Philips and his assistant Harold McBride, boarded the Titanic at Belfast. Both of them had a specialized role aboard the ship. Jack Philips was a skilled operator on the Marconi wireless system, having served on several notable vessels, including the Lusitania and the Mauretania. Now he would be sailing on the vessel designed abd built to outshine these rival ships: the mighty and more luxurious Titanic! Both men had been present for the sea trials that took place on 2nd April 1912. While sailing past the Copelsnd Islands and Donaghadee, they were testing and fine tuning their equipment as they contacted the Titanic's home port of Liverpool - a place, ironically, the Titanic would never reach! That very same night, at 8pm they set sail for Southampton, which was the official starting point for the transatlantic maiden voyage. Philips received an ice warning before the