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Testimony of Darren Devlin

To turn a negative into a positive , to turn pain into joy to completely change death to life. My name is Darren Devlin, I am married to my wonderful wife Jayne, and I am blessed with two wonderful children Justin and Tristan. I was brought up in the shankill area of belfast by my grandparents who I love so dearly,  I didn't come from a Christian home but was sent to Sunday school religiously until the age of ten, from there I joined the boys brigade and also went to church youth clubs on a Saturday night. As a kid growing up I was spoilt rotten by my grandparents , I was never really in serious trouble, but I would say that I was a little mischievous, all I wanted to do as a kid was become a professional footballer, in the area I came from football was my getaway from all the bad things that was happing during the times of the troubles, but becoming a footballer just wasn't meant to be,maybe god had another plan for me, I  always believed in God in my heart but