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Personal Witness How Jesus Did It! Answers and Scripture Verses

What are the four principles of evangelism that Jesus demonstrated with the woman at the well? The four principles of evangelism are Relate, Create, Convict and Reveal (RCCR). List some of the ways to relate to people in the natural realm to sinners? Why can you ask if someone has kept the Ten Commandments without it seeming confrontational? As long as it’s asked in a spirit of love and gentleness, there won’t be any offense because the ‘work of the Law [is] written in their hearts’ and their conscience will bear ‘witness’ [Romans 2:15] Why does our doubt negate reality? Our unbelief, will not negate reality because truth can never be altered. You can stand on the freeway and say you don’t believe in trucks, but that won’t change the reality that you would become ‘road kill’ if you tried. Whether someone believes in hell or not, he will still have to face God on Judgment Day. Why can a sinner not rely on God’s “goodness” to save them? Sinners may think that God is good so He will not