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Strange Fire, by John McArthur

Bought this book awhile ago, but just got round to reading it now. when we look at christianity world wide, we see a sweeping trend of the charismatics coming into the church. Strange Fire takes a look at some of these trends in the light of scripture, that helps us to descern that which scriptural and of God asa apposed to, that which false teaching from wolves in sheeps clothing. This is a great book and uses a lot of scripture in the light of todays views. For decades, in the interest of unity in the gospel, evangelicals have downplayed or set aside doctrinal differences with the charismatic movement. Today, charismatic teaching is so widespread that it is often the default doctrinal position and is rarely challenged. Christians are being taught that as long as we are “gospel centered,” what we teach about the Holy Spirit and His work does not matter. Of course, it does matter. And what’s at stake is nothing less than our understanding of salvation and sanctifi