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The Reality of Christmas

What is the reality of Christmas? We probably feel like we know the Christmas story word for word. After all, this story is the centre of our Christmas celebrations and festivity. Yet, have we lost some of the awe and humbling wonder that the birth of Christ demands of us? Has this story become so familiar that it is reduced to being mundane and ordinary? The birth of Christ was never meant to make things feel festive once a year; the reality of this event should shock us and leave us praising God in reverent fear. As Christians, it can he easy to consider the Christmas story as simply an evangelistic opportunity; yet there is a depth to this story that can still powerfully challenge us within the church as well. Let’s look at some of the details of the Christmas story to be reminded again of the reality, love and hope revealed by the birth of Christ. The ugly truth In many parts of the world Christmas is presented as a time of fun, family and food. There&#