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By Standford Murrell ¨         SALVATION AND THE SOVEREIGN Definition                 Soteriology, ( soteria, salvation , logos, discours e ) refers to the study of the doctrine concerning salvation.   In general, Soteriology embraces God’s purpose to save, the Person and work of the Redeemer, and the application of redemption by the work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and lives of men. Six Presuppositions Of Soteriology             There are six foundational principles on which the doctrine of Soteriology rests. ·         God’s rule is sovereign. ·         God as Creator, Ruler, and Saviour underlies all the provisions of salvation. ·         Man is responsibility to his Creator because he has the capacity for good and bad. ·         The Covenant of Works expresses God’s will and man’s obligation. ·         The Law of God requires perfect obedience. ·         God as a perfect Being cannot require less than perfection in His Moral Law. ¨