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How the Bible preaches the Gospel

This is useful both for those who would like to hear the gospel as it is preached in the Bible, and also for those of us Christians who look to the Bible to find out what is the appropriate manner in which it should be preached. In particular we would like to see what was the content of the message of salvation and what issues were emphasized. Also is the issue of choice. Was the gospel presented without regards to choice or decision. Was it simply presented as information? First is the issue as to what constitutes the gospel. If you open the Bible you notice there are four books call "the gospel" - gospel of course meaning "good news" in the Greek. Their content is primarily the ministry, teachings, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. A couple of them - Matthew and Luke also touch upon his birth and early years. To say the obvious - Jesus Christ is central to the gospel. But in light of the shallowness of the manner in which the gospel is often present