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And Now for the Good News Marks of True Spiritual Service, Part 1

Romans 1:1-7 Chapters:   I.        INTRODUCTION A.    Wrong Motives for Serving the Lord  1.      Panic Some people serve the Lord because of legalism.  They try to keep lists of do's and don'ts because they are afraid not to.  They think that is what God requires if you're to get into the Kingdom.  There are some cults that teach if you don't go to the mission field for at least two years, you won't make into heaven.  Within the framework of Christianity, some people serve the Lord strictly because they feel bound to do so.  They want to keep God from breaking their bubble and making life miserable for them. 2.      Prestige Others want to make a name for themselves and to be highly esteemed by others.  They seek the chief seats, playing the role of Diotrephes, who loved "to have the pre-eminence" ( 3 John 9 ). 3.      Pride There are some people who serve the Lord because they