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The Testimony of Evie

My Journey from Being a Catholic Believer to a Spirit Filled Christian Evie - South Australia Raised in the Catholic Church I was raised a Roman Catholic. We went to church most Sundays and kept all the Catholic traditions. I had my “first holy communion” when I was in grade 3, which meant that we could partake in eating the holy bread (waver) in church which represented the body of Christ. Actually it not only represented the body of Christ, through prayer the priest “made it into the actual body of Christ”. When I was about 13 years old I had my “confirmation” which was meant to be the time to receive the Holy Spirit. I was well prepared for this big event after attending several days of prayer, talks, group work concerning this theme. Expecting at least a little bit of manifestation when the priest laid hands on me and prayed, I left quite disappointed as nothing really happened. Anyway, they said we had received the Holy S