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More Precious than silver or gold Freddie McKelvey

Do you know? You are very special and far more precious than silver or gold, with an unknown value worth more than riches untold, and what makes you so special, there is no other person quite like you on earth, your looks, voice, skills and personality even your finger prints are unique and different from anyone else. The startling question is, Why is each i.dividual different and so important, and how did life begin on planet earth? Some people are under a false illusion that the human race arrived on earth with a big bang, while others believe nature played a part but this is not true, because with all man’s technology and scientific developments and skills, there is no method to make blood or no replacement for it, yet with many different thoughts and views, but with no real answers or proof, gives much cause for concern to search for the truth that can only be found in the bible, the book of truth which explains very clearly how God the great creator of the entire universe, cre