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James Crichton V.C.

Cautiously, Private James Bell Crichton commenced his nerve-shredding task. As he removed explosives from under the bridge, he was isolated, totally alone and operating close to the enemy lines. It would take Crichton several solid hours to complete the mission. James 'Scotty' Crichton was born into a humble home on 75 Woodburn Road, Carrickfergus in the province of Ulster on 15th July 1879. His parents were Scots/Irish, and later they moved to the little hamlet of Northrigg, near Blackridge, Lothian, Scotland. His upbringing was tough. By the time the little fellow was ten he was working as a miner in the local coalpit. In his environment of danger and strenuous labour, little James gradually developed the courage and character for his later exploits. At the age of sixteen, James Crichton left mining to enlist in the Royal Black Scots; two years later he transferred to the Cameron Highlanders, joining at Edinburgh Castle. His plan was to seek adventure, for South Africa t