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WHAT BELFAST NEEDS! Supposing you were asked today, “What does Belfast need?" how would you answer? How many things would you suggest that might be necessary for the improvement of the city? You might feel that more shopping is a priority, although that is hardly likely. Maybe better transport. Maybe better road maintenance‘ You might feel that lower rates should be up the list. Perhaps you might step it up a level and say that better healthcare would be the most important maybe more jobs  and even better education for all. It is quite possible that you would come up with many helpful ideas, and yet miss the vital necessity. What Belfast really needs is an awareness of God  His holiness. ..His righteousness... His hatred of sin... and His love for the sinner. As a nation we have drifted over the last fifty years, unwittingly, gradually, but now we are moving at great speed away from the God of the Bible and the God of our fathers. We no longer have any appre- c