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What's so big about Sin?

  In your busy life why should you ever be concerned about the word sin? What does the Bible say about sin? For such a small word, a lot is packed into the meaning of sin. The Bible describes sin as the breaking, or transgression of God's law 1st John 3v4. It is also defined as disobedience or rebellion against God Deuteronomy 9v7, as well as independence from God. The original translation means 'to miss the mark' of God's holy standard of righteousness. Are all sins equal to God? The Bible seems to indicate that there are degrees to sin -- that some are more detestable to God than others Deuteronomy 25v16; Proverbs 6v16-19. However, when it comes to the eternal consequences of sin, they are all the same. Every sin, every act of rebellion, leads to condemnation and eternal death  Romans 6v23. How can we judge if something is sin? Many sins are spelled out plainly in the Bible. For example, the ten commandments give us a clear picture of God's laws. They offer basic