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Refuting Objections in Witnessing

By Chris Curry Objection: “But I Don’t Believe that…. I don’t believe the Bible.” Don’t be intimidated when people say “I don’t believe that” or “I don’t believe the bible.” It is simply an elusive excuse used to evade being confronted by the truth. The fact is, they don’t believe… exactly what you were expecting when you set out to share your faith. That’s exactly why they’re called unbeliever’s, because they don’t believe. That’s also why we’ve been sent to proclaim the gospel, because they don’t believe. If they did believe, we wouldn’t need to convince them of anything. It’s ludicrous to back away when an unbeliever uses that line. All the more reason to continue to appeal to them as to why they must believe. It’s our duty to give them reason to believe, using convincing arguments and testimony to persuade them. If a person says, “I don’t believe in that” as their means of escape, ask them if their beliefs about anything in life have ever changed before? If so, they just admitted t