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How Are We Then Saved?

"Short Series" Teachings by Pastor Dick Helms The foremost question of all time: "how are we saved?" To this question there are many answers but there is only one truth. Most religions (including psuedo-christianity) teach that one is saved by works, by living up to some standard written by men, by "social action", by church attendance (I go to church on Sunday so I must be a Christian), by partaking in certain religious rituals (baptism, communion, confirmation, pilgrimages, etc.), or worst, that we do not need to be saved at all. Biblical Christianity teaches not only that mankind is desperately fallen/lost and in need of salvation but also, that if we were to be saved by some works on our part, those works would have to meet God's standard of absolute perfection, an impossible goal. So again we ask the question, "how then are we saved?". Let's take a look at Ephesians 2:8-9 to find the answer. "For by grace are ye saved through fa