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The Sovereignty of God. Gise Van Baren

 Many people in our day deny God and His control over all things. These insist upon walking in their ignorance—for they refuse any testimony from the Bible. Many Christians, however, also appear to be unsure of the extent of the power and control of God. They are willing to concede that God tries to save sinners—but they are not certain whether God can really and fully accomplish His purpose. They agree that God sends all good things—but are loath to maintain that God sends wars and sickness. They are ready to say that God guides good men—but hesitate to confess that wicked men are also under His direction and control. One of the truths which has been historically and emphatically confessed by Reformed, Calvinistic churches is that of the Sovereignty of our God. Sovereignty refers to absolute, total rule and control over all things, a rule which God alone possesses. God’s Sovereignty is not limited. Nor is it given to Him. But it is without limit and it is God’s personal right. God is