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Tesimony of David Hill

Hi my name is David Hill.  I have been a Christian now for 25 years and while it times it has been tough, if  I had a hundred lives to live, I would live them all for Jesus.      I was born 09/04/1971 and raised on the Shankill Road to a working class couple.  Our first house was in Morpeth Street although I don’t remember much about that and then we moved to Bootle Street just off Tennant Street when I was about three or four.  Whilst my parents were not Christians and there was little of the gospel in our house, like many kids in the area we were faithfully sent to Sunday school in Matchett Street Gospel Hall.  It has to be said though I skipped it sometimes and just spent my collection money on sweets, but I can remember Mr Tully telling us about Jesus and how He loved us from an early age and how He died for us.  From the age of twelve I started to smoke and wanted to be ‘one of the lads.’ Not that I had wanted to but I just wanted to someone or something, it seemed to be a cool t