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the testimony of Leah Johnson

The following is my testimony of God's loving kindness and mercy. To this day, it awes me that He saved such a crazy woman!  There was a time where I thought I was saved, but instead was a false convert. And a Pharisee. I was very much into Word of Faith and a big fan of Joyce Meyer. One day, I flipped through the channels and seen Wretched tv. As I sat there listening to Todd, I was like "who IS this guy yelling about stuff?!" and began watching it more and more, even though I thought that he was weird. I'm sure I had a funny look on my face to match the attitude towards him. Not long afterwards, I found Way of The Master through Wretched and every single time I watched those shows, for lack of a better term, I kept getting this feeling that I needed to get out of Joyce Meyer ministries. At first, I didn't know why and thought nothing of it. But, any time someone talked about eschatology, I got very scared and thought to myself "well,