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From Jehovah's Witnesses to Jesus--Gus Astacio's Story

I was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, June 6, 1986; I was 14 years old, on fire with what I felt without a doubt in my mind was the truth. Just a naive young Puerto Rican from New York City. My father was what we would dub a worldly man. My mother, a tireless worker in the family was provider, homemaker, and spiritual leader. My sister when she was young was more into friendships but like a 2nd mom. You could still find them both zealously pioneering and pillars in their congregations. My sister married a great husband and brother-in-law of mine. When you are occupied with your weekly studies of WT literature, spend many hours of door ministry and have to deal with the problems I faced, it can be consuming. As a result, life’s pertinent questions are forgotten in the distractions of a JW’s busy life. The devil wants the ringing phone of the Lord to go unheard, so he tries to occupy your mind into ignoring it. Fortunately for me I was not one of the many who