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Freedom from Quiet Time Guilt

The rare beauty of Weakness Christianity Greg Johnson, St. Louis Center for Christian Study   1. The Diagnosis: Quiet Time Guilt I recently watched as a congregation I love was spiritually raped. A Christian ministry came into the church for a three-day program whose purpose was to encourage believers to pray more. During one of the breakout sessions, a man expressed his frustration with unanswered prayer. He had faithfully prayed with and for his daughter for years, and still she was not walking with God. He was broken, depressed, perhaps more than a little ashamed. How does God in his grace speak to this man? A bruised reed was crying out for help. “You need to try harder. You need to pray more.” That was the message he was given. I was enraged. Having known this church for many years, I was horrified. What I was hearing was what one seminary professor calls sola bootstrapa . Self-reliance ¾ We pull ourselves up by our own spiritual bootstraps. The teachers who said such things