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Where Was the English Bible Before …1611? By Jack McElroy (printed by permission).

Where Was the English Bible Before …1611? August  12,  2018 The easy answer to the question above is that the Bible in English was a work in  progress. The final expression of God’s inerrant words in the English language is in the  Authorized Version 1st published in 1611. Until that time, this final expression did not exist as a finished product.  Rather, it existed  in component parts (i.e. words). Many of the words were from the previous English Bibles  that had been harvested since the year 1525 when William  Tyndale published  the first printed edition of the New Testament in English. Lest someone object to this observation, consider the fact that even the Scripture itself  didn’t come in one delivery. It came over a period of about 1,500 years with somewhere  in the vicinity of 40 authors. The  King James translators actually started construction with The Bishops Bible as  a  base and incorporated other  biblical build