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The Man in the GlORY

I wake in the morning of His love, Who is living for me in the glory above; Ev'ry minute expecting He'll call me away, And that keeps me bright all the rest of the day; But the moments speed forward, and on comes the noon, Yet still I am singin, "He'll come for me soon"; And thus I am watching from morning to night, And pluming my wings to be ready for flight! There's a Man in the Glory I know very well, I have known Him for years, and his goodness can tell, One day in His mercy He knocked at my door, And seeking admission, knocked many times o'er, But when I went to him, and stood face to face, and listened a while to His story of grace, How He suffered for sinners, and put away sin, I heartily thankfully welcomed Him in. We have lived on together a number of years, and that's why I have neither doubtings nor fears. My sins are all hid in the depths of the sea; they were carried down there by the man on the tree. I am often surprised why the lip shoul