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II Timothy and the Significance of the Doctrines of Grace Angus Stewart

  The enemies of the doctrines of grace are Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism, Synergism, Arminianism, Amyraldianism, etc. But there is another enemy … apathy . There are those who may grant that these doctrines are true but they have no heart for them. The doctrines of grace are not essential , they say, and their importance in preaching and catechizing is questioned. Can we not just preach the “simple” gospel? The Westminster Confession and Catechisms are, of course, of a different mind, as are the Three Forms of Unity , especially the Canons of Dordt . God’s sovereign grace was the reason the Reformers seceded from the apostate Roman Church. The pre-Reformers, Wycliffe and Hus, proclaimed God as the sovereign Saviour. In the ninth century, Gottschalk rotted in prison for nearly twenty years for the truth of double predestination. Before this, Augustine in the fifth century steadfastly taught the mighty grace of God. This teaching of God’s sovereignty is taken, of course, fr