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The Anatomy of the Church

Selected Scriptures Chapters:   The Skeleton I. INTRODUCTION When I go on a trip to preach in other places, I use my time to talk with people, pray to the Lord, and read books.  I also find that during a trip, I am able to put aside the pressures of my regular ministry and think clearly.  At times like that, the Lord impresses upon my heart certain things that are important for me to understand and to share with the people I minister to.  During one of my recent trips, the Lord placed a concern in my heart for Grace Church.  That church is the heart and soul of my life.  Although I've been there for fifteen years, I still feel like the ministry there has just begun.  I believe there is an exciting future before the church that will be filled with joy, anticipation, and potential.  But I also believe that we are faced with a crisis.  How we handle that crisis right now will deter