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Supposing you were asked today, “What does Belfast need?" how
would you answer? How many things would you suggest that might
be necessary for the improvement of the city? You might feel that
more shopping is a priority, although that is hardly likely. Maybe
better transport. Maybe better road maintenance‘ You might feel
that lower rates should be up the list. Perhaps you might step it up a
level and say that better healthcare would be the most important
maybe more jobs  and even better education for all. It is quite
possible that you would come up with many helpful ideas, and yet
miss the vital necessity. What Belfast really needs is an awareness of
God  His holiness. ..His righteousness... His hatred of sin... and His
love for the sinner.

As a nation we have drifted over the last fifty years, unwittingly,
gradually, but now we are moving at great speed away from the God
of the Bible and the God of our fathers. We no longer have any appre-
ciation of His holiness or our own sinfulness. The general attitude is
that if we are doing no harm to anyone else then what we do is our
own business. But what we do is Gods business. Not only does He
take note of everything we say and do, but the Bible makes it very
clear that He will judge us for those actions (read Ecclesiastes 3:15
15 That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already
been; and God requireth that which is past.  Romans 2:6). Who will
render to every man according to his deeds: What Belfast needs more
than anything  our foremost need  is an understanding of our sin (read Romans
3v22, 23 ) 22 Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ
unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference: 23 For all
have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;  and an appreciation of the
holiness of God. Who is the Judge of all.

What is the answer to this massive problem then? Perhaps it will be
better understood in the form of another question. Who does
Belfast need? In every election run-up there are men and women
looking for our support. They cover all shades of the political divide
and opinion. They will come to your door and ask for your vote. What
they are really saying is "Belfast needs me!” We don't doubt that we
need the best candidates to look after the city and keep things
running, but most importantly, Belfast needs Christ! Before anything
else, no matter how important to us, we all need Him. You need Him.
He is God's only answer to our need as sinners. The Province has
neglected Him. This country once respected the Bible, valued the
standards of the Bible and had a reverence for God. This land once
rang with the sound of the Gospel at street corners and in town
centres. Crowds came to hear the Gospel in large tents pitched in the
city. Missionaries left from Belfast to evangelise the world and to tell
the story of Christ the sinners Saviour. What has happened? lt all
started with that imperceptible drift. Then people began to doubt.
Before long they became dull of hearing, and the message no longer
got through. Then some began to despise the message. Today many
even deny it. Yet the Bible asks, “How shall we escape if we neglect
so great salvation?" (read Hebrews 2:3). Neglect has serious conse-
quences, and perhaps we are already reaping some of those as a
nation, but what about the consequences for you, the reader?

Politicians may promise, and for different reasons may not be able
to deliver. God makes an amazing promise to everyone today, and
the certainty is that He can and will deliver. He makes this promise to
the people of Belfast, but best of all, He makes it to you! He says that
we are all sinners and must bear the consequences because we can’t
help ourselves. Yet He loves the sinner and has sent His Son into the
world to die for such upon the cross at Calvary. What is His amazing
promise? That WHOSOEVER believes in HIM will NOT perish but will
HAVE everlasting LIFE! (read John 3:16). The greatest need we have
is of Christ the Saviour. Without Him we have no hope in time or
eternity. Without Christ we will miss Heaven and must endure the
judgement of God for ever. Would it not be wise to make the proper
assessment of your needs just now and place your trust in Him as
Saviour,  as your Saviour?

"Through this man (Jesus Christ) is preached
unto you the forgiveness of sins"
Acts 13:38

Ivan Gordon


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