Monday, June 15, 2015

Beyond the Speed of Time, Freddie McKelvey

We can’t stop time, it slowly moves on '
It keeps on going, and waits for no one
No sooner it’s here, until it’s gone"
With only one speed, it keeps travelling on

Stop for a moment, and carefully think
As the world goes round, the time it ticks
 Is's everywhere, on the sea and land
It can't be turned backi, thats not the plan

 Our span of time, will come and go
Like a pendulum on a clock, with no control
time has no breaks, it carries on
It masters our life, until we're gone

The length of time, not in our hands
lt’s the great creator, who has command
Our days and years, are not for long
Prepare, to meet God, before you’re gone

Death reaps it’s sheaves, on every hand
The old, the young, on sea, or land
Man cannot stop, the wheel of time
God holds the keys, and has control

Some people think, they have plenty of time
But look at the grave yards, all around
Names on head stones, of young and old
With all different ages, but all have souls

As we travel here, on planet earth
With signs all around us, We’re sure of death
Many we knew, have left this scene of time
With only precious memories, left behind

If death was to come suddenly, and call you away
Are you prepared to meet God, on His judgment day
This world’s not your home, you’re not here to stay
You may have no more to-morrows, only to-day

Think about your life, especially your soul
Remember about time, it’s not your own
Think about eternity, that lies ahead
Don’t forget, it’s a long journey, that never ends

God made time, and designed a special plan
That His holy son, would die for sinful man
Accept Him, as your saviour, While you’ve time on earth
Before you'meet Him'as your judge, with no time left

There are two Ways before you now
And you a choice, on earth must make
God’s way leads upwards, to the sky ‘above
The devil‘s way, leads downward to the lake

Don’t believe the devil, he’s not a true friend
He has lured, millions of souls, to a Christless hell
This is Why Jesus, suffered and died, on the tree
To rescue us from Satan, and to set us free

Trust Jesus as your saviour, and you’ll soon find
He’s the best friend of all, there is around
Then one day you’ll reach, a land so bright
Saved through the blood, of Jesus Christ

You are going to a place, on the other side
Don’t leave it to late, for you to decide
That will cost you your soul, if you make a mistake
There’ll be no turning back, and no hiding place

You need to believe God’s Word, of saving faith
And call Him your Father, before its too late
Meet Jesus at the cross, have your sins forgiven
Washed in I-lis blood, you’re sure of heaven

I pray to-day, you’ll count the cost
Before your soul, in hell is lost
Just listen and heed, God’s warning voice
Some day in eternity, you’ll have no choice

Stop in time, seriously think, about your soul
Millions are in eternity, you’re on death row
Each day we live, its one day less
Our days are numbered, by time on earth 

Have you took time to think, if your soul is lost
It's all because you by passed, the Christ of the cross
Who gave His life a ransom, and shed His own blood
to save your lost soul, and make peace with God

Get your eues of the small picture on planet earth
Look far beyond time, in God's great universe
Maybe you think it's not important, and don't want to see
But onr thing I know, you and I, are going to eternity

Make sure you reach, the strrets of gold
Where no power can destroy, the immortal soul
It doesn't matter irf your names on a tombstone here
Have your name inscribed, in the book up there

One day you'll see the sunrise east
As you leave these shores, your time will cease
When you take your last breath, here on earht
To arrive in eternity, before the sun sets in the west

These words you read, are true facts of life
You need a passport for heaven, before time, runs out
Don't reject what you've read, it maybe, God's final call
These could be the last word you'll read, once for all

When I was a child, I laughed and wept / time crept
Then as a boy, I dreamed and talked / time walked
As I became a man and older I grew / time flew
I pray your saved now, as time time travels on/ time gone

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