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More Precious than silver or gold Freddie McKelvey

Do you know? You are very special and far more precious than
silver or gold, with an unknown value worth more than riches
untold, and what makes you so special, there is no other person
quite like you on earth, your looks, voice, skills and personality
even your finger prints are unique and different from anyone
else. The startling question is, Why is each i.dividual different
and so important, and how did life begin on planet earth? Some
people are under a false illusion that the human race arrived on
earth with a big bang, while others believe nature played a part
but this is not true, because with all man’s technology and
scientific developments and skills, there is no method to make
blood or no replacement for it, yet with many different thoughts
and views, but with no real answers or proof, gives much cause
for concern to search for the truth that can only be found in the
bible, the book of truth which explains very clearly how God the
great creator of the entire universe, created everything with every
living creature Gen Ch2 v7 tells us God formed man of the dust
of the ground and breathed into His nostrils the breath of life, and
man became a living soul who is going to live forever.

God made Adam and Eve who were the first two people on earth
in His own image, not like any other living creatures Who have
no soul, that’s why you and I are so precious to God, who made
us perfect with a precious never dying soul without sin, until one
day Satan With his satanic power and cunning lie of deceit,
entered into our first parents which broke God's law, separating
man from God with a plague that contaminated every generation
with sin that entered into the body and soul of man, which
completely destroyed the relationship between God and man who
He had made and Was precious to Him, but God who is infinite
holy would never allow sin to enter into heaven, so God with His
great Wisdom saw the great sin barrier created by man, would
have to be removed He knew His precious son who he loved was
the only one capable for this almighty task Where He would
sacrifice Himself for man’s sin, by dying on an old rugged cross,
this is Where God proved and demonstrated that we were far
more precious to Him than Silver or Gold. When Jesus Christ
God’s son left His glorious throne and came down to earth Where
he had no home, he was so rich, yet lor our sakes became poor
that we through His poverty might be made rich. He travelled a
lonely pathway on earth knowing each day He was getting closer
to the cross of pain and suffering where He would step into death
on our behalfl being mocked and tried then taken by Pilate and
his soldiers to be crucified, with a scourge that cut, tore and
ploughed deep into the saviours back, taking flesh and strips of
skin with every stroke from the roman lash, made from sharp
bone and blunt edged metal that lashed His back, then a erown ot
thorns pierced His sinless head, Where He was laid down with
raw open wounds on an old rugged cross, as spikes of steel were
driven through His hands and feet nailed to the wood, where the
cross was lifted up and dropped down into its socket, where
Jesus precious sin-cleansing blood poured out from His
bleeding back, and through His hands and feet every blood
drop that Fell on the ground was very precious, with every drop
of blood that dripped from every spike, on every thom, was oh
so precious that pierced His head, where Jesus was hanging in
excruciating pain and agony With deep open bleeding wounds,
there flowed a precious blood stream from Jesus precious body
drenched in blood crimson red,,this was the ultimate price God
paid to save a world of sinners lost, we were bought with blood
that was not our own, but with the spotless sin-cleansing blood
of God’s own son, who gave His life-blood to save our sinful
souls by His sacrificial death on the cross, and with His
glorious resurrection we can have eternal life for all eternity
that is to come because we are very precious to God, who
purchased us, but not with silver. bought us but not with gold,
that could never wash our sins away, it’s only the powerfiil
pure and priceless blood of Jesus Christ can save our precious
never dying souls, with all the money in the world we could
never buy a place in God’s heaven, you can’t Work or pay your
way to heaven, your salvation has already been paid for by
Jesus who shed l-lis own blood on Calvary’s cross, you are
saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, You
are very precious to God, is God precious to you? Have you
claimed Jesus Christ as your own and personal saviour?
Through a simple act of believing faith and have accepted His
precious possession of saving grace, from the one who bought
you with His own blood, if you do then you will really know
how precious you are to Him, and He is to you, being changed
Forever from going to hell to a precious place called heaven.
Mark Ch8 v36-37  “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall
gain me whole World, and lose his own soul? Or What shall a
man give in exchange for his soul?”

1 Peter Chi v18-19 “Ye were not red'eem.ed with corrllptible
things, as silver and gold, but with the precious blood of

Jesus cross was not made of silver or gold
He was Wounded, suffered and died, but not on a throne
He owned the world yet counted all He owned but loss
And He surveyed His kingdom from a blood — stained cross

Salvation  is not "purchased  with silver or gold
You need. born of God’s spiriit and washed in His blood
Jesus paid our debt of sin at a tremendous cost
To save a world or sinners He had to die on a cross

I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold
I'd" rather be His than have riches untold
I'd rather have Jesus than houses or land
 I’d rather be led by His nail-pierced hand

Not all  the gold of all the World
And all its wealth combined
Could cleanse our sin of guilt within
Or buy one soul a place. .in heaven

Your precious soul is worth far more than a world of gold
Freddie McKelvey


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