Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Poem/Spoken Word‏ by Mark Johnston

 Crowds in adoration 
Cheered Jesus' name in celebration 
Were Now watching his humiliation 
So much can change in one week 
A future so bright was now so bleak 
In front of Pilate he wouldn't even speak 
By his own people hated 
He stood quietly and waited 
The people were going insane 
But they weren't calling his name 
They wanted Barabbas released for his chains
What on earth was going on in their brains
But Jesus was willing to take the strain and the pain 
For you and me 
He gladly watched Barabbas walk free 
In silence he showed complete humility 
Pilate felt so guilty 
That accepted no responsibility 
He lived a life that was mistake free 
And it had been anything but easy 
He took every temptation that I could ever foresee 
He took agony
So that I could have mercy 
Not once did he sin 
Or ever give in 
The punishment he withstood 
For hours on that piece of wood 
I have never understood 
And I never will or ever could 
Because that is my rightful place 
My sin makes me a disgrace 
But We can rejoice in His grace 
Even though We are filthy 
He tells Us we are not guilty 
I can't even begin to count the cost 
That was on that cross 
When he died it must have seemed like all hope was lost
But just imagine the look in the soldiers eyes 
As they see the Son of God rise
Or Imagine the surprise 
when the disciples heard Jesus is alive 
Even with a nails in his hands 
Things were exactly as he planned 
Jesus goes to war sword in sheath 
Shows His righteous dying beside a thief 
Taking our pain and grief 
All to give us relief 
And our sin is where is his body lay 
In that tomb is where our sin will stay 
Easter isn't just about Friday 
it's about Sunday 
We can rejoice because one day 
We are gonna be a place far away 
Above this fray 
No more pain or strife 
Because this is true life 
This true relationship 
this is true love 
To give it all to the God who is above 
All he asks is for complete surrender
 nothing this world offers is even a contender 
We may be vulnerable but God is our defender  
So Easter is the time of celebration 
When we remember the vibration 
That shook a dark nation 
The earthquake as the ground began to shake 
Because the Son of God was dead but now the Son of God is awake 

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