Monday, February 06, 2012

Testimony of Evelyn Wright

 Hello, my name is Evelyn Wright, When Jesus said on the cross, ït is finished", it was reqally only the beginnning. But as i look back I did notgrasp at the time what His words truly meant. Let us all be honest, it is only when something really bad happens in our lives that God really means a lot to us! Then, when everything is well again, we fail to cry out to Him as we should and we get caught up in other things.  When I look back a number of years to April 6th 1994, to the terrible tragedy, the murder of my daughter Margaret, it was then only when I began really trusting the Lord for everything. I learned to leave all at His feet, that I may be bought closer to God.  No matter what happens in your life, however bad it seems. God will give that special peace and Grace when you put Him first in everything, and wait upon Him. Never lean on your own understanding in spiritual matters, take God at His word and wait upon Him. Lets face it, who else can we go to? Our departed loved ones have simply emigrated to a new home and we will all follow later.  The love He has for us took Him to the cross. We are His people, so take the love He has given to and extend it to others who need comfort in their time of sorrow. It's not so hard to do when Jesus paid it all. Praise the Lord.

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