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Conviction Of Sin - Being Convinced of Righteousness And A Transformed Life

The ministry of God by his Word and Holy Spirit in a persons life will lead to a deep, impactful and transformative conviction (an awareness or a realization) of their sin and to a totally God changed life.
In our world today such thought...the thought of being so convicted of sin and being dramatically transformed by God are foreign...and sadly to say...this belief is even held and evidenced in many of our churches in America today.
When a person is truly convicted of their sin and wickedness by God and the Holy Spirit their thoughts or concerns are not about themselves or their comforts or happiness...that they think or feel sadness for...nor it is not about their getting right with God so that they might feel happy and blessed only...
No when the true, deep and lasting convicting work of God comes into a person's life their thoughts are about how their sin has affected a Holy God and others. That person is made aware that their sin is an affront and offense to a Holy and Righteous God and the only way to make things truly right with God is by accepting the gracious gift of Salvation by Jesus Christ through faith (Ephesians 2:8) and the powerful work of the Holy Spirit and by being changed (transformed)...being "born again" (John 3:3)...being convicted of sin and convinced of righteousness in such a way as there is a true, lasting and permanent change.
And this person's thoughts or concerns are not about themselves and the discomfort or pain that they feel for their sin but rather their thoughts and deepest concerns are about a Holy God and about the people they have sinned against and it drives them to their knees before God and to a change in their mind and life (at the very core of their being) leading to such a change that they are now a totally "new" person and no longer the person they once were.
There is no lightness of heart or frivolity at this point in time in their life but rather there comes upon this person that God is dealing with such a measure of sobriety, sorrow and depth of pain and conviction that sometimes they wonder if they can handle the sorrow and pain.
It is at that point in time they have come to the conclusion and are fully persuaded that sin is such a hurtful and hateful thing that it is inconceivable to them that they could ever sin against God or another person again. And the coming to this conclusion causes them godly sorrow and possibly a moving of themselves to evidence of their being dealt with by God, of their conviction of sin, being convinced of righteousness and of their salvation. 
With such conviction will most likely come this emotional reaction; however, an emotional reaction alone is not sufficient enough as to indicate a person's true conviction of sin, being convinced of a need for righteousness or personal righteousness and conversion. No...with their tears will be evidenced a transformed life...a life that has passed from the old to the new..."old things have passed away and behold all things have become new." (II Corinthians 5:17). Anything less should be viewed with suspicion and caution by ministers and members of the Body of Christ as anything less may just be evidence of the mere stirring of the person's emotions without the results of a deep, transformative and permanent spiritual conversion and change of heart and life. May God help us and give us wisdom to know the difference.
Live gloriously! Live victoriously!


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