Sunday, April 12, 2009

O the sacrifice that went

O the sacrifice that went
For my sin, his life was spent
On that cross, he died for me
The sin I had, he set me free.

Knowing Jesus, who he was,
For my life, was his cause
on the cross he died for me
Redemption, salvation How can this be?

For the sacrifice was made,
for my life, the debt was paid
who am I, that I should boast?
But for his mercy, it showed the most!

Then one day the trumpet will sound!
Then my body will rise from the ground
before the beama seat I'll kneel
The works I did, He will reveal

Who are you that you should boast?
the life you had, was it selfish in most?
was your life sinful in liv'in
Did you not serve Jesus, the one already risen?
Billy Shannon.

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