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The last and dreadful day has come (Acts 17:31),
The trumpet loudly sounds (1 Corinthians 15:52)!
The sleeping millions in the earth
Rise from the quaking ground!

O fearful sight! Where can I hide (Revelation 6:16)?
What doleful wails I hear (Matthew 24:30)!
The moon turns now to bloody red (Revelation 6:12),
The stars fall from their sphere (Revelation 6:13; Mark 13:25)!
The isles and mountains flee away (Revelation 16:20),
The sun-it will not shine (Revelation 6:12).
My eyes behold Christ Jesus come (Luke 21:27; Revelation 1:7),
To judge the works of time (Revelation 20:12)!
No place to hide!

I care not now what people think
Or if they hear my cries.
My money and my pleasures, too,
Have vanished with my pride.
Down on my knees I fall, and then (Romans 14:11)
Confessing Christ as "Lord of all" (Philippians 2:11) -
I have no stubborn, proud heart now,
O hear the Great Judge call!
Too late to pray!

My sins are trailing my poor soul (1 Timothy 5:24)
Up to the throne of God.
Why do they follow, even here?
They will not pass His Word (John 12:48)!
With piercing look, He views my works (Ecclesiastes 12:14),
There's nothing I can hide (Romans 2:16).
Where is one of my earthly friends?
Come! Stand here by my side!
No, now I stand ALONE (Romans 14:12)!

I glance at Him, the Righteous Judge,
He says, "Depart from Me" (Matthew 25:41)!
I drop into the fiery pit (Revelation 20:15)
God! Give me just ONE moment now
Of time! Please hear my cry!
(Despairing thought-'Twas I who chose To EVER, EVER DIE!)
No more hope!

A thousand tongues could ne'er describe
The anguish that I feel (Matthew 25:30),
Too late, too late now to repent,
Hell fire is all too REAL (Mark 9:46)!
Forever now while ages roll (Revelation 20:10),
My soul shall scream and burn.
Though torment reigns, my mind is clear (Luke 16:25) -
In life, God's love I spurned.
Forever doomed!

No water here, no light, no rest (Luke 16:24),
No love, no joy, no friend,
No children dear, no cheering song,
No hope my fate will end (Matthew 25:46).
Writhing in flames, pain racks my soul,
And piercing cries I hear (Luke 13:28).
My wretched soul God sees it not -
'Tis more than I can bear! Forgotten eternally!
Dear friend, today a loving Lord
Would save you from this fate.
Come humbly now, accept His grace
Before it is too late!


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