Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Top 10 Reasons Why Darwinian Evolution is False

10. Pagan Origins of Evolution: Evolution and its related concepts did not originate from science. The concept of evolution emerged from the imaginations of men. Evolution is based in pagan mythology while later promoted among Greek philosophers like Anaximander and Democritus. Diodorus Siculus, a 1st c. BC historian, presented evolution in his “Universal History”, which was one of the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians. Diodorus recorded that the Egyptians believed that life originated in swamps and marshes eventually resulting in other life forms. This myth also included descriptions of the early beastial life of men living in caves, gathering food, discovering fire, and developing unintelligible sounds into languages. 

9. The Unique Planetary Habitability of Earth: Evolution proposes that Earth was formed by chance and so happening to support life. Earth is exceptionally unique and balanced just right for complex life, and even for intelligent life to be able to observe and admire the beautiful order of the Earth and the cosmos. The Earth has all the necessary conditions to maintain life being in the habitable zone of the Sun while consisting of the right amount of water, protective “gas giant” planets, the ideal orbit for stable temperatures, a precise axial tilt to maintain seasons and warmth, a protective magnetic field, an exact placement in the galaxy, and essential elements of biochemistry. These conditions are contrary to evolution’s premise that the Earth and its solar system came to be by undirected mechanisms. 

8. Hoaxes of Evolution: Evolution rests upon conjectures and frauds. Find a “missing link”, then one has found an animal fit into a presumptuous fantasy, and the animal is many times imaginary. These invented and unverified animals are nothing short of hoaxes and soon to be confirmed frauds since these “missing links” are based solely upon conjecture. The list of evolutionary hoaxes presented as primitive man include the Piltdown man, Nebraska man, Orce man, Cro-magnon, and Neanderthal specimen. Another hoax that stands out is Haeckel’s embryos. This fraud is still used in textbooks to indoctrinate children and adolescents that they evolved through forms of animals in the womb. There is no doubt that this lies behind the U.S.’s 50 million dismembered and poisoned human fetuses since 1973 as seen by Carl Sagan’s belief that unborn children are just animals. 

7. The Irreducible Order of Life: The complex order of each organelle within the cell makes up an amazing machine made of thousands of nanomachines cooperating with each other. The wonder of motor proteins like kinesins walking on cytoskeleton leaves evolutionists conjecturing how these proteins could happen by chance. Imagining the processes of the cell reveals a complex order equal from within by its genetic code. The cell is one example of the irreducible order of life. 

6. The Existence of DNA: People learn and educate themselves to communicate in complex languages and intelligently design complex computer codes. Yet supposedly according to evolution, nature formulated its own code against the odds and this code came to contain more than a trillion bits of data in the simplest life forms that are known to exist. No non-symbiotic life form has been discovered with a simpler genome than the trillion bits of code in E. coli. As has been pointed out by others, if SETI received a code being a millionth in size to any strand of DNA, then evolutions would declare the existence of intelligent life somewhere else in the Universe. A person can only accept this evidence if they understand that codes must be designed, and that codes can neither make themselves nor are formed by chance as evolution presumes. 

5. Unreliable Dating Methods: With a half-life of 5,730 years, a consistent decrease of the isotope Carbon-14 in organic material would offer reliable dating method within about 60,000 years if presumably 14C has been constant in the atmosphere through the millennia and that the organic material being dated had no contamination or preexisting 14C. Add to this that the fossil fuels that are supposed to be millions of years old have detectable amounts of Carbon-14 (Chemical History of 14C in Deep Oil Fields, Carbon-14 Content of Fossil Carbon, [3], [4]). Either measuring Carbon-14 is an unreliable means of dating and, or the Earth is less than 60,000 years old. How is it determined that fossil fuels are millions of years old? Fossil fuels are so dated upon the observer’s preferred interpretation and assumptions, who chooses between a dating method like 14C for thousands of years or Potassium-Argon dating for millions of years. Also, be aware that dating methods for millions of years have similar difficulties and no comparable millions of years of history to verify the method in the first place.

4. The Law of Cause and Effect: This law affirms that every effect has a greater cause, which we all observe this to be true by our own experience. Trace the effect of every cause back and there is the great cause of all. Darwinists assert that the Big Bang caused the Universe, and that the Big Bang came from an atemporal void, a timeless nothing. This is to say that something came from nothing contradicting the Law of Cause and Effect. This timeless void or any speculations of eternal energy are ideas invented in disregard to the 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics, which affirm that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and that energy is becoming increasingly unusable.

3. The Law of Biogenesis: As Louis Pasteur affirmed, life only comes from life, and life only produces life after its own kind. This scientific fact is indisputable and none of the hundreds of experimental tests have yet disproved this scientific Law. No life has ever been made in the lab. No life has ever evolved from nothing. Still, the evolutionist conjectures without proof that there could have been a time when this might have happened given a great amount of time and a number of other assumptions. 

2. The Existence of Constant Virtues: If we speculate that we are evolved apes, why not also reason that we are all animals, and so let all act like animals? Why trust the person who believes humans are animals equating our value to apes and animals alike and thus undermining all human rights? Why believe someone who claims to be an ape having the morals of an ape and laying aside any constant standard of right and wrong? Why trust those who see the virtue of honesty as an invention of man rather than a constant moral? Would such a person have the honesty to describe to their spouses and those they care about how they think love came to be by simply emerging by chance and, or through the inventions of evolved apes? Rejecting constant virtues has a number of prejudices at its foundation. The guilty conscience prefers relative morality to be comfortable, appealing, and pleasing. Yet, finding that virtues are eternal and can only exist via a person, then there must be an eternal personality, an eternal Creator. Compare Jesus’ words of the equality and value of every person as opposed by Charles Darwin’s words. In his book, “The Descent of Man”, Darwin refers to “negroes”, Australians, and Polynesians as savages, who are not as evolved as Caucasians. Darwin promoted the idea of the limited “intellectual powers” of women, whose intelligence according to Darwin does not compare to the “attaining to higher eminence” and “inventive genius” of men.
Yet, honest readers of the Bible see that the Bible opposes such hatred against women, other races and all peoples. For instance, note the article, “What is so Wrong with Biblical Slavery?

1. The Verification of Jesus being the Christ: The legal maxim and standard of verifying truth states that truth is established to certainty by two or three primary sources. These sources are tested against deception by verifying these sources to be consistent on two or more points and without two or three explicit contradictions. By this standard, the writers of the Gospels testify of what they saw and heard, and they testified in providing the testimonies of other eyewitnesses. These written testimonies remain for an honest examination before all. The written statements of the Gospels verify the predicted Messiah, His miracles, His fulfilled predictions of Jerusalem’s destruction, and His resurrection (Acts 10:39-43). Jesus presented these evidences Himself (John 5:31ff). Being confirmed as the predicted Christ, Jesus testified to the Genesis account of the Creation of the Universe, and those who love Him trust and know that His words are true (Matt. 19:4-9, Mark 10:5-9).


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